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Our First Lady


Rev. Mrs. Willhemina Agormeda affectionately called Mama Mina, is the First Lady of Royalhouse Chapel International Maryland and North America Missions of Royalhouse Chapel International. With a membership of over 250 women, she is the Founder and President of Royal Ladies Ministry, Maryland.

Throughout her nearly 15 years of ministry, Rev. Willhemina carries an intercessory prayer and prophetic anointing. She is a worshipper that draws people into God’s presence. Her weekly Women’s Prayer Services, “Women at the Altar” has become a platform to teach women spiritual warfare and also a place where people troop to have an encounter with the supernatural power of God. As a creative preacher and teacher of the word of God, this year alone she has spoken on topics such as “The Fruit of the Womb,” “The Virtuous Woman,” “Women in Ministry: Being a Pastor’s or Deacon’s Wife,” and “Being A Queen.” Her educational background in both healthcare and counseling has motivated her to see people know the Lord and experience His power.


In her Executive role as the annual host of the Royal Ladies International Camp Meeting in the North American Diaspora, her passion of empowering women to fulfill their potential and also positively impact their communities is manifested. Rev. Willhemina’s Ministry is characterized with notable miracles, testimonies, signs and wonders. 


Rev. Mrs. Willhemina Agormeda is happily married to Rev. Emmanuel T. Agormeda, Apostle of North America Missions of Royalhouse Chapel International, whom she has diligently served alongside with purpose and precision. They are blessed with three adorable children.

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