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 E3 Center

The Royalhouse Community Development Corps (RCDC) is a Maryland non-profit community development organization organized to promote social empowerment, educational development, and holistic engagement in surrounding areas. RCDC seeks to address, provide, partner and consult with local organizations, businesses, and non-profits to equip and help individuals and families learn, grow and thrive.


RCDC is committed to enhancing the quality of life in its catchment area through local and joint initiatives and varied social services programs. To address the growing and systematic educational, social, health, and economic issues plaguing Prince George’s County and surrounding the DMV region, RCDC envisions the development of the Royalhouse E3 Center.

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E3 Center

Educational Center
• Afterschool Tutoring (coming soon)
• GED Program (coming soon)

• Girl Scouts

• Robotics

• "So You Want To" Teens Series


Empowerment Center (coming soon)
• Work Readiness Center
• Social Service Center (WIC, Food Bank, Healthcare applicants)
• Digital Media Lab
• Multi-Purpose Community Room



Engagement Center (coming soon)
• Health, Fitness and Nutrition Classes
• Youth Athletics Center
• Counseling and Support for Drug Addiction
• Counseling and Support for HIV and AIDS Patients

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