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The Royalhouse Community Development (RCD) is a Maryland non-profit community development organization organized to promote social empowerment, educational development, and holistic engagement in surrounding areas. RCD seeks to address, provide, partner and consult with local organizations, businesses, and non-profits to equip and help individuals and families learn, grow and thrive.


RCD is committed to enhancing the quality of life in its catchment area through local and joint initiatives and varied social services programs. To address the growing and systematic educational, social, health, and economic issues plaguing Prince George’s County and surrounding the DMV region, RCD envisions the development of the Royalhouse E3 Center.

The RCD brings together multiple constituencies, including Royalhouse Chapel MD, Prince George’s County community leaders and residents who represent the Prince George’s County neighborhood, Howard University, University of Maryland, and Prince George’s County Community College administration, faculty and staff with the unified purpose of addressing the concerns and needs of the community. RCD has a long-term commitment to ensuring Prince George’s County and surrounding Maryland areas are served.  

The Plan

To meet the needs of the surrounding areas, the board of directors of the RCD, under the direction of Rev. Emmanuel T. Agormeda, envision the development of the Royalhouse E3 Center project.

Educational Center
• Daycare Center
• Afterschool Tutoring
• GED Program
• English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses
• Unites States Citizenship Courses


Empowerment Center
• Work Readiness Center
• Social Service Center (WIC, Food Bank, Healthcare applicants)
• Digital Media Lab
• Multi-Purpose Community Room


Engagement Center
• Health, Fitness and Nutrition Classes
• Youth Athletics Center
• Counseling and Support for Drug Addiction
• Counseling and Support for HIV and AIDS Patients


The Royalhouse E3 Center is a comprehensive project to educate, empower and engage the Prince George’s County area. When children arrive they will experience an exciting, fun, and safe environment led by caring adults. When adults arrive they will experience a loving, supporting and enriching environment led by professional and caring staff.


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