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Day 1 - Rev. Hughes & The Black Family Panel

Day 1 - Rev. Geoff & The Mental Health Panel



Day 3 - Rev. Emmanual a& Friday Night Prayer

Day 1 - Rev. Emmanuel AM Power

Guest Contacts

Black Family Panel 

Mental Health and Wellness Panel

  • Mental Health Advocate Adoma Adae – prefers email: or  IG:@Adoma_all_dae

  • Therapist Jay Bartnett – prefers IG: @kingjaybarnett 

  • Psychologist Dr. Michelle – prefers IG: @ghana_goddess; YouTube: Dr. Michelle; Facebook: Ghana Goddess; Twitter: @GhanaGoddess; Email:


Tips to a healthy family dynamic:

  1. Schedule family time and group activities

  2. Eat meals together

  3. Allow for One-on-One time with individual members as well

  4. Open and honest communication

  5. Be an active listener

  6. Show kindness, respect, and appreciation

  7. Set the example – children mimic what they see, not what they are told.


Tips that the church can do to help the people:

  1. Recognize signs of those who are distant, requiring special prayers, or change in behaviors

  2. Ask open-ended questions, listen, empathize. Continue checking on people and establish fellowship.

  3. Offer counseling and information on access to health care in the community

  4. Conduct health fairs and seminars to educate and provide resources


Ways to access care in your community:

  1. Locate medical assistance through your local health department.

  2. Create or locate a directory of free or subsidized care in your community

  3. Navigate your health insurance for coverage offered



Mental Health America:

Black Mental Health Alliance:

National Alliance of Mental Illness:

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